Woman claims neighbours attacked her on her way home from Mass

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Paul Smith
Paul Smith

An elderly woman has told a jury that her neighbours attacked her when she was on her way home from mass after accusing her of hitting their mother.

Paul Smith (49) of Oranmore Road, Ballyfermot and Stephen Smith (41) of Gate Lodge, Dundalk, Co. Louth have both pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting Jenny Lynch causing her harm on March 7, 2015 in Ballyfermot.

The alleged victim told the trial: “Blood was coming out of me from everywhere, my nose and my mouth. I couldn't feel my legs were like jelly,”

She said she had been walking with two of her friends and during the attack one of these ladies stopped a car in the street and asked that they take her to the garda station.

Ms Lynch told Monika Leech BL, prosecuting, she needed four or five stitches to her lip, had a busted nose, two black eyes, a lump to the side of her head and her shoulder was very sore.

“My friend was screaming at them. They were pushing me, thumping me and digging me,” Ms Lynch said before she told the jury it was Stephen, Paul and Andrew Smith who attacked her.

She told Ms Leech she had known the Smiths since they were born and was “absolutely certain it was them”.

Ms Leech told the jury in opening the case that the accused's brother, Andrew Smith, had already pleaded guilty to the assault and had been dealt with by another court.

Ms Lynch agreed with Pieter Le Vert BL, defending, that her own son Eddie had been murdered, having been run over by a car. She accepted that Eddie had been good friends with Stephen and Paul but was a better friend of Stephen's.

Ms Lynch said she didn't know if “Eddie got into some sort of trouble”, as suggested by counsel. She refused to accept that both her and her son had turned to Paul Smith for help before he died.

“No I never asked Paul to protect my son,” Ms Lynch said.

The trial continues before Judge Martin Nolan and a jury of four women and eight men.

Ms Lynch agreed that minutes before the assault Bridie Smith, the accused’s mother, had been saying “horrible things” to her about her son and that she had told Ms Smith to “go home to your sons, they are all murderers”.

Ms Lynch said she was walking home from mass when Ms Smith “started shouting terrible things to me about my son”. She said Ms Smith kept coming back to her and came right up to her face. She said she told the woman she would call the gardaí if she hit her.

Ms Smith went into her home and she continued to walk towards her home. She said three men then came running up behind her and she was pushed against the wall.

She said they started punching her in the face and saying she was never going to hit their mother again. She was screaming and crying, and her nose was busted.

Ms Lynch agreed with Mr Le Vert that she had known Bridie Smith for about 51 years, had worked with her and had been friends with her.

She said her son had previously allowed both Paul and Andrew Smith to stay in one of her homes but counsel said his client claims he never stayed with them. Ms Lynch said he was lying.

She told Mr Le Vert that Paul did “most of the work, thumping me on the head” but it was Andrew and Stephen who hit her first. She said it was Andrew who “busted” her nose.