Murder trial witness says she heard accused threaten man hours after shooting

shot-jason-doogue-22-was-murdered-on-friday-evening-in-the-kildare-town (1).jpg
shot-jason-doogue-22-was-murdered-on-friday-evening-in-the-kildare-town (1).jpg

A witness at a murder trial said she heard the accused threaten another man less than two hours after a shooting that left one man dead.

Eva Maher was at a house in Castle Park, Athy when she said she heard James Lammon shout "tell Jamie he's next". Mr Lammon (44), has pleaded not guilty to murdering Jason Doogue (22), at Green Hills, Athy, Co Kildare on August 21, 2015.

The court has heard that Mr Doogue was shot three times by a hooded and masked gunman on a bike at about 5pm. Ms Maher told prosecuting counsel Kerida Naidoo SC that she heard Mr Lammon say "tell Jamie he's next" at about 6.30pm.

Another witness, Stacey Flynn, told defence counsel Mary Rose Gearty SC that Mr Lammon was referring to her brother, Jamie Quinn. She said that she arrived at Castle Park at about 6.30pm and was talking with friends when she saw James Lammon's green van pull into the estate.

"It stopped in the middle of the road," she told Mr Naidoo, "he was screaming and shouting that he's coming for Jamie next."

A third witness, who is a minor and therefore gave his evidence by video link, said he was visiting his sister in Castle Park when Mr Lammon arrived in his green van. He said he heard Mr Lammon say: "Tell Jamie Quinn I'm coming for him next."

Garda Paul O'Shea told Mr Naidoo he went to the home of James Lammon in Cardington Way shortly after 6.30pm. When he arrived he saw two men "stripped to the waist" and trading insults with Mr Lammon, who was standing at his gate. He told the men to leave the area, which they did, but he remained to watch Mr Lammon's movements.

He told Mr Naidoo that he was unarmed and as a firearm had been used in the earlier incident he decided to wait for an armed garda unit.

He said Mr Lammon left his house at 7.20pm in a green van driven by his brother Johnny Lammon. The garda followed from a safe distance. The Lammons went as far as Carberry Park to a house Garda O'Shea knew belonged to their sister Rebecca.

When Mr Lammon left Carberry Park he pulled into the nearby Amber Filling Station on Woodstock St and it was around this time that an armed garda unit arrived. Garda O'Shea said he arrested Mr Lammon on suspicion of the murder of Jason Doogue at 7.34pm in the forecourt of the filling station. Mr Doogue had been shot a little over two hours and thirty minutes earlier. Garda O'Shea said no firearms were discovered on Mr Lammon's person or in the van.

The trial continues before Justice Paul Butler and a jury at the Central Criminal Court tomorrow.