Wheelchair paedo released

Martin Davoren
Martin Davoren

Wheelchair bound paedophile Martin Davoren was transported to Castlerea Prison after being sentenced to five years for indecent assault.

But as soon as the sex offender arrived he was turned away and brought home to Galway because the prison didn’t have adequate facilities to house him.

61-year-old Davoren had pleaded guilty to 12 sample charges of indecently assaulting a girl on dates between September 1, 1986 and July 31, 1988; when the victim was between 13 and 15 years of age.

But last night the paedophile slept in his own bed despite Judge Rory McCabe putting a stay on Davoren's sentence last Friday to afford prison authorities time to prepare for his incarceration.

Davoren was even transported to Castlerea Prison in a specially adapted vehicle.

But due to his disability and medical needs he could not be housed at the facility and was transported home in a 150km round trip.

Davoren has been paralysed from the waist down since he was involved in a road-traffic accident when he was 22-years old.