Victim was stabbed and chopped 50 times before being burnt with petrol, court hears

Adil Essalh (Pic: RTE News)
Adil Essalh (Pic: RTE News)

Murder trial jury hears 29-year-old Adil Essalhi received "in excess of 50" stabbing and chopping wounds before his body was burnt with what is believed to have been petrol

A murder trial jury has heard that 29-year-old Adil Essalhi received "in excess of 50"  stabbing and chopping wounds before his body was burnt with what is believed to have been petrol.

Michael Kinsella (22), of Swiftbrook Close, Tallaght today pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Adil Essalhi on January 6th, 2011.

His uncle Wayne Kinsella was convicted of killing Mr Essalhi in 2012.

Wayne Kinsella

Opening the trial today, Mr Kerida Naidoo SC prosecuting, told the Central Criminal Court jury that it was the State's case that the killing was done by two people.

"Events happened in a field (outside) a block of apartments in Tyrrellstown," he said.

"There were two people involved," he continued.

"Michael Kinsella and his uncle Wayne Kinsella. There has already been a trial and he (Wayne Kinsella) has been convicted of the killing. The prosecution will say the killing was done by two people," he said.

The court heard that the deceased met Wayne Kinsella and another person on January 6th, 2011 in a pub in town.

"They all drank and retired to an apartment in Tyrrellstown where other people joined them," said Mr Naidoo.

"They continued drinking and they were (later) joined by the accused," he said.

"That evening, Mr Essalhi left the apartment with Wayne and Michael. All three went into a field and it was there that Wayne and Michael killed Adil Essalhi," he said.

He said: "There will be medical evidence that Mr Essalhi died from in excess of 50 wounds - both stabbing wounds and chopping type wounds, most of which were inflicted to the head and neck, and to a lesser extent, the body."

Mr Naidoo said that a weapon like a knife, and one like a machete are believed to have been used to inflict the injuries.

"Following his death, Mr Essalhi's body was burnt with what was believed to have been petrol," he concluded.

The jury of five women and seven men heard that there will be CCTV footage shown to them throughout the course of the trial which is being heard by Miss Justice Deirdre Murphy and is expected to last one week.