Uninsured mum was on way to visit autistic son

Uninsured mum was on way to visit autistic son

A YOUNG mother caught driving without insurance was on her way to see her autistic son, a court was told.

Anne O’Callaghan (30), who is waiting to be housed, is battling numerous health problems, including a heart condition. She was fined €200 and disqualified from driving for four years.

O’Callaghan, of Rose Hill, Wicklow town, and Woodbrook Glen in Bray, admitted driving without insurance and a licence on August 3, 2012.

The court heard that O’Callaghan had 10 previous convictions, including one for uninsured driving.

Ronnie Lynam, defending, said his client had three children, the eldest of whom had autism. At the time of this incident, he was in respite and O’Callaghan was on her way to see him.

Mr Lynam said that O’Callaghan, a former heroin addict, had a lot of health issues, including a heart condition.

He said the incident occurred five years ago and he asked Judge Anne Watkin to be lenient.

The court was told that O’Callaghan no longer drives.