Troubled youth readmitted to bail

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A TROUBLED Dublin youth, who repeatedly absconded from a children's home and allegedly attacked a care worker, has been readmitted to bail.

The 15-year-old is facing charges at the Dublin Children's Court for criminal damage and theft offences most of which are alleged to have occurred in his care home in recent months.

He had his bail revoked and spent a week in custody on remand. However, the Child and Family Agency have provided him with a new care home placement. He was a granted bail by Judge John O'Connor who ordered to reside at the facility.

The case continues later this week.

He is accused of criminal damage to and interfering with a car close to his accommodation on February 15, and damage to a door keypad at the facility on the same date.

He is also charged with theft of a staff member's purse which contained €25 at the care home on January 29, criminal damage to a table there on February 25, stealing a 42-inch plasma TV from the facility on February 10 and assaulting a female on the same date.

He has one other charge being intoxicated on Princes St in Dublin city-centre on February 3.

In an earlier objection to bail Judge John O'Conor heard evidence that the teenager had gone missing from care on six occasions since March 27.

A care worker said the teenager had “destroyed a bedroom and upstairs landing” and had been affected by substance abuse.

The court also heard that during another incident the teenager had wanted to go on an unauthorised absence and he he punched a care worker twice in the head.

The man's glasses fell to the ground and when he went to pick them up he was kicked a number of times.