'Think again you c***' - Dublin woman punches garda after pepper spray threat

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A drunk woman punched a plainclothes garda while trying to interfere with an arrest, a court has heard.

Amanda McGowan (36) threatened officers, telling them to "get off" the man being arrested before she was ordered to leave the area, Swords District Court heard.

She returned and was stopped by Gda Janice Gray from approaching another garda, who was arresting the man.

Gda Gray said she warned McGowan that she would have to pepper spray her, to which McGowan replied: "Pepper spray me? Think again, you c***". She then punched Gda Gray.

McGowan, of Bunratty Road, Coolock, pleaded guilty to obstructing gardai at Greencastle Road, Coolock, last January 10.

Gda Gray agreed with McGowan's solicitor that she and the other officer were in plain clothes. However, she disagreed that McGowan may have thought they were civilians trying to assault the man.

"She may have originally thought that, but once she was told to leave the area we made it clear to her we were gardai," she said.

Gda Gray agreed that McGowan, who has 12 previous convictions, was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

The solicitor said McGowan's initial motivation was to protect the man as she did not know they were gardai.

"She accepts it was inappropriate behaviour," the solicitor said, adding that McGowan is now seven months pregnant.

The court heard McGowan did not apologise to the gardai. Judge Dermot Dempsey said she had "more than enough time to come up with an apology and a charitable donation".

He sentenced McGowan to two months in prison. After he fixed recognisances, McGowan lodged an appeal against the sentence.