Temple Bar reveller burst bouncer's nose, dug nails into musician and bit barman


A PUB-GOER punched a doorman in the face, “bursting his nose open”, then dug his nails into a musician and bit a bar manager who came to help.

Roman Bakkalinskyy (30) had been put out of the bar for having a heated argument with a female friend when he assaulted the bouncer and the other two men.

Judge Bryan Smyth found him guilty and gave him a six-month suspended sentence at Dublin District Court.

Bakkalinskyy, of Aylesbury, Santry, had denied assault causing harm to Joseph Parker at Fitzgerald’s Bar, Temple Bar, on January 9 last year.

The accused, a builder from Ukraine, also denied assaulting bar manager Richard Carroll and musician Lorcan Hughes, as well as breach of the peace.

Mr Parker said Mr Carroll called him inside at 10pm to say there was a dispute between a man and woman. The pair were arguing in a foreign language and pushing and shoving each other.

A glass smashed and Mr Parker escorted them outside, where they continued to argue.

Mr Carroll said they would not be let back in and Bakkalinskyy moved toward him.

Mr Parker stepped between them and Bakkalinskyy spat in his face. A tussle ensued, and the accused punched him in the face. Mr Parker said the punch
“burst” his nose open and there was blood all over him. They both went to the ground and Mr Carroll and Mr Hughes came to try to remove the accused.

Mr Parker twisted his knee in the struggle and blacked out. He had cuts to his face and hands.

Mr Carroll said Bakkalinskyy bit him through his shirt but did not break the skin.

Mr Hughes said he tried to prise the accused off Mr Parker and Bakkalinskyy “dug his nails into my hands”.

The accused said staff had put him out into the rain and he asked Mr Parker to leave him alone. He alleged Mr Parker punched him.

He denied spitting and said he had his hands in his pockets, so he could not have punched Mr Parker.

He said three people got on top of him and he hit his head on the pavement.

He denied biting or digging his nails into anyone.