Another teen guilty of distraction burglary at 88-year-old woman's home

Another teen guilty of distraction burglary at 88-year-old woman's home

A SECOND youth has pleaded guilty to taking part in a “distraction burglary” at the south Dublin home of an 88-year-old partially blind woman.

A teenage boy was spotted by an off-duty garda sneaking inside her home after she let his accomplice go into her garden when he pretended to be looking for a ball, the Dublin Children's Court was told.

A youth, now aged 18, but who was a juvenile at the time, failed to have his case thrown out on a technicality and Judge Timothy Lucey was then told a guilty plea was being entered. The youth was accompanied to court by his father and his solicitor but did not address the court.

A 17-year-old boy had already pleaded guilty earlier at the Dublin Children's Court to the burglary at the woman's Terenure home on the afternoon of July 9 last year. The court has heard the pair planned to carry out distraction burglaries to get money to go shopping.

Judge Lucey ordered that the 18-year-old youth's sentence hearing would take place on the same date as that of his younger accomplice. Pre-sentence probation reports as well as a victim impact statement have been requested by the court.

The case resumes in November.

Earlier, Garda John Wynne had said the older youth approached the woman's front door and rang the door bell. When she answered " he told her he lived around the corner and that he had kicked a ball into her garden”.

He asked if he could get his ball back and the elderly woman accompanied him to her garden.

Meanwhile the younger defendant, then aged 16, entered her driveway and was spotted by an off duty garda as he went inside and headed upstairs.

The court heard the youth made his way to an upstairs bedroom where he was seen by the elderly woman's son. He then left and escaped while the accomplice was detained by the garda. No property was taken during the burglary.

The court has been told that the younger boy had no prior criminal convictions, is in school and has not come to garda attention since. He was co-operative when he was interviewed and the court heard that the elderly woman had been unaware of what was happening.