Teen girl who repeatedly attacked another girl over appearance spared sentence

Girl sentenced to 12-months’ supervised probation
Girl sentenced to 12-months’ supervised probation

A TEENAGE girl, who repeatedly picked on and attacked another girl because of her physical appearance, has been sentenced to 12-months’ supervised probation.

In a victim impact report, the teenage girl described how the attacks caused a loss of confidence and she said the incidents happened while she was trying to cope with a close family bereavement. 

She described how the teenage defendant constantly drew attention to her physical appearance and as a result she is afraid to go out after 6pm “because I know she [the accused] would be out”. The victim has also spoken to Samaritans as a result of the attacks.

A 16-year-old Dublin girl, who cannot be named because he is a minor, was spared a custodial sentence after she pleaded guilty to assaulting the teen victim on two dates last year.  She also admitted breaches of the peace which occurred over recent months when she went to a cinema, a chip shop and an entertainment complex where she launched a tirade of verbal abuse and taunted staff. 

Her case at the Dublin Children’s Court had been adjourned for an updated probation report  to be prepared after an earlier one stated she did not accept she was showing disrespect for other people.

Defence solicitor Paula Egan said the defendant has now started to learn a lesson and she added that the teenager had been badly influenced by another girl she associated with at the time of the offences. 

She has abided by strict conditions imposed by the court and is willing to engage with the Probation Service and another youth development agency, Ms Egan said. The girl has not come to garda attention since her previous hearing a month ago, the judge also heard.

Judge O’Connor imposed a 12-month probation bond. She must stay out of trouble and obey the directions of her probation officers to divert her from re-offending.

Breaking the terms of the supervision order could result in the case being brought back to court and a custodial sentence.

Judge O’Connor had told the defendant her victim “has a life injury and fears you mocking her and you are putting her in a situation where she is fearful and afraid”. 

For the duration of the case the girl has been banned from contacting the girl directly or indirectly and it was explained this included using messenger apps. She was also barred from the area where her victim resides.

After the attacks, the pattern of anti-social behaviour escalated, the court noted.  A month ago, she went to an entertainment complex and staff had to ask her to leave when she became abusive. The girl told the manager to fuck off and eventually left the area. 

A couple of days later she went to a chip shop and began kicking chairs around and cursing at a staff member when she was asked to leave.

In another incident at a cinema she was told to leave after she became boisterous. She got a straw and started firing “spit-balls” at passers-by. 

The court heard that during this incident the girl caused a lot of annoyance and when refused entry she called one staff member a slut, a whore and a “foreign see you next Tuesday” and she ran into a restricted area. Before leaving she called the staff member a tramp and a whore and she kicked a vending machine. 

The teen is taking part in an educational course and did not have any substance abuse problems, her solicitor had also said, adding that she needed to develop a pro-social peer group.