Teen girl accused of possessing a Taser stun gun in Dublin

Teen girl accused of possessing a Taser stun gun in Dublin

A 15-year-old girl has appeared in a court in Dublin accused of possessing a Taser stun gun.

She is accused of unlawful possession of the weapon which is capable of injuring and incapacitating, in a public place in north County Dublin on August 30 last. The charge is under the Firearms and Offensive Weapons Act. 

The girl, who cannot be named because she is a juvenile, faces a litany of charges and was remanded on bail by Judge John O'Connor at the Dublin Children's Court today.

The teenager, who was accompanied to court by her mother and her lawyer, must face a preliminary hearing to determine if her case will be retained by the Children's Court or transferred to the Circuit Court which can impose lengthier sentences.

The juvenile court can accept jurisdiction for serious cases by taking into consideration the defendant's age and level of maturity. A social worker's report on the teen has already been furnished to the court.

The girl's barrister also indicated that guilty pleas could be entered to her other charges and a probation report was sought ahead of her next hearing in April.

These include: producing a knife during an incident in October in north Co. Dublin; assault causing harm to a male at a train station nearby; threatening to kill or cause him serious harm, and possessing a metal bar as a weapon on the same date.

A guilty plea was also indicated to other charges: robbery of a female who had a handbag containing €90 stolen, on the same date as the alleged Taser incident; possessing a knife as a weapon on October 26 at shopping centre; assault causing harm to two males, one them a garda, on a date in September. These incidents also happened in north County Dublin.

Other newer offences where guilty pleas have been indicated happened in Dublin city-centre in January. These were possession of a stolen silver ring worth €40 and a silver spoon valued €120, and theft of clothes worth €86 from a shop.

A charge for possessing double brass knuckle-dusters on a date in November was withdrawn today.