Tallaght murder accused told neighbour he was 'on drink and drugs for eight days'

Trevor Corr
Trevor Corr

A Dublin man accused of murder told his neighbour he "was on drink and drugs for the past eight days", a Central Criminal Court jury has heard.

Trevor Corr (39) has pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to the manslaughter of James Humphries (32) at Kiltalown Way in Tallaght on September 22, 2013. This plea was not accepted by the State.

Yesterday counsel for the State Mr John Byrne BL called Ms Christine Kelly who said she passed Mr Corr's house at Kiltalown Way between 1.30pm and 2.30pm on September 22 2013.

The court heard Ms Kelly who "lived a couple of doors away" from the accused was on her way to Tallaght village to watch the All Ireland football final in the pub.

"They were all outside in the garden, Trevor and three other fellas. I only knew one guy called Philip. I thought another one was the guy on TV3 (a TV report). I was 50-70 per cent certain it was the deceased Mr Humphries who was in the garden with Mr Corr," she said.

Under cross examination by defence counsel Mr Brendan Grehan SC, Ms Kelly agreed that the accused "banged off the garden wall when he walked out" to her to say hello and he told her "he was on drink and drugs for the past eight days."

"He was out of it, his eyes were at the back of his head. He was not aggressive at all," she said.

Ms Kelly agreed with counsel that she did not witness "any kind of hostility" in terms of the company Mr Corr was keeping on the day.

The witness agreed with the barrister that Mr Corr appeared to be "the happy drunk" and "in good form."

Prosecution counsel Mr Denis Vaughan Buckley SC then called Garda Ivor Wilkinson who was attached to Tallaght garda station in September 22 2013 to give evidence.

The court heard he arrived at the scene at 18.35 on September 22 2013 and he was directed to James Humphries who was "positioned on his back at the top of the garden."

Gda Wilkinson said "a fourth male" Mr Corr was standing at the front door of his house at Kiltalown Way in Tallaght when he arrived at the scene.

Garda Wilkinson told Mr Vaughan Buckley that the accused "looked to to be under the influence of intoxicants" and "unsteady on his feet."

The court heard Mr Corr told Gda Wilkinson he "needed a warrant" and Mr Humphries was not dead.

Gda Wilkinson told Mr Vaughan Buckley that he looked into the hallway of the house and could see "a trail of blood in the hallway" which
looked "as if it was going down to a room at the bottom of the house which was the bedroom."

Gda Wilkinson told the court that when he asked Mr Corr what happened, he replied: "Wouldn’t you stab him if he was lying in your bed."

"I then cautioned Mr Corr and asked him again what happened and hesaid 'I fucking stabbed him, he was lying in my bed.'"

The court heard when Gda Wilkinson asked Mr Corr where the incident had occurred and where the knife was, the accused told him "in the bedroom."

Mr Corr then told the guard following this: "I fucking stabbed him, fuck him lying in the bed of my house."

The court heard at 18.52 that day Mr Corr was arrested and brought in a patrol car to Tallaght garda station where he "started making lunges out the window."

Under cross examination Gda Wilkinson told Mr Grehan that his colleague Gda Donal O'Sullivan was driving the official patrol car on the day and he was in the car "as an observer."

The court heard Mr Corr became "highly agitated" on his way back to the station and he was shouting things at the back of the car.

"Do you recall him (Mr Corr) saying ‘I only lightly stabbed him’?" asked Mr Grehan.

"Did your colleague Gda O’Sullivan not ask you to sign his notebook to that effect?" asked counsel.

"I remember references to that effect," answered the witness.

 The trial continues.