Suspended sentence for man caught trespassing at King's Inns

Suspended sentence for man caught trespassing at King's Inns

A man who was caught trespassing at the Honourable Society of King's Inns has been given a suspended sentence.

Noel Clarke (33) told gardai that he passed the building on a regular basis and when he saw an unsecured door he couldn't resist the opportunity to go and see what it was like inside

Clarke, of Dorset Street Upper, Dublin pleaded guilty to trespass with intention of committing theft at the Honourable society of King's Inns, Henrietta Street, Dublin 1 on June 16, 2014.

Judge Melanie Greally at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court noted the fact he had his hoodie up and was wearing white gloves when caught by gardai undermined to some extent his assertions he did not intend to steal anything. She accepted he was using a large amount of tablets at the time.

She said he was making efforts to grapple with his difficulties and was impressed by his genuine commitment to reform his ways.

Judge Greally imposed an 18 month sentence which she suspended in full for two years.

Garda Louise Pepper told Lorcan Staines BL, prosecuting, that gardai responding to an intruder alarm at the Kings Inns were allowed in by the caretaker and followed the sounds of lockers being opened to a room where they found Clarke.

He told them that he had been “caught red handed” and couldn't resist the opportunity when he noticed an unsecured door. He said he came in just to have a look around and was interested in seeing what it was like inside having passed by it so many times.

Clarke said he had been “acting the bollix” and had no intention of committing theft.

Gda Pepper said Clarke had 10 previous convictions, five of which were for burglary, and he was not considered a violent offender.

Sandra Frayne BL, defending, said Clarke was a father of three who had a difficult upbringing and starting working as a 16 year old but fell into drug addiction. She said by the time he was 23 years old he was smoking heroin and “would do anything for it.”

She said he had committed burglaries in the past to feed his habit and handed in a probation report outlining the progress he had made to date in addressing his difficulties.