Student removed trousers during Dublin city-centre brawl

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Marouf Aldosari (Image via
Marouf Aldosari (Image via

A Phd student removed his jacket, shirt, trousers and watch before returning three times to punch another man in a street fight.

Each time the city centre brawl was broken up, Marouf Aldosari (34) removed an item of clothing and ran back across the road to attack the other man.

Judge Kathryn Hutton told the accused to pay €500 compensation and put him on a six-month peace bond.

Aldosari, of College View Apartments, Ballymun, pleaded guilty to assault, breach of the peace, public drunkenness and affray.

Dublin District Court heard the defendant became involved in an altercation at Essex Gate in the city centre last May 21.

The row was broken up on three different occasions and CCTV showed the accused striking at the other man with a closed fist.

A number of members of the public were knocked to the ground by the row.

Aldosari could be seen crossing the road each time the fight was broken up and returning.

The first time, he took off his jacket across the road, returned to the row and it was broken up again.

He then crossed the road, took his shirt off and returned to strike the man again.

The fight was again broken up by the public and Aldosari crossed the road for a third time, removing his belt, trousers and watch. He put these on the ground.

When gardai arrived, Aldosari was being restrained by security.

Officers approached and the accused said: "F**k off and get the f**k away from me."

There was a strong smell of alcohol from his breath and his eyes were bloodshot.

It was clear from CCTV that the accused was the main aggressor and members of the public were in fear, a garda said.

Aldosari had no previous convictions and the incident was out of character for him, his lawyer said.

He came here on a sponsorship from Saudi Arabia and did a PhD in mechanical engineering at DCU.

He had suffered a fracture to his nasal bone in the incident.