South Dublin man punched and spat at bouncer

South Dublin man punched and spat at bouncer

A YOUNG man punched a doorman and spat at him when he was refused re-entry to a nightclub so he could get his jacket, a court heard.

Shane Porter (25) became “frustrated” and assaulted the bouncer, but his recollection of what happened was “vague”.

Judge Gerard Jones struck the case out, leaving him without a conviction, after he paid €500 to the victim. Porter, of Barnhill Road, Dalkey, pleaded guilty to assault.

Dublin District Court heard that the incident happened on the Rathmines Road on March 27 last year.

The accused assaulted the doorman, causing bruising to his eye, after he was refused admission to a nightclub.

He hit him with his fist and spat at him, the court was told. He had no previous convictions of any kind.

After the incident, Porter made contact with Rathmines Garda Station and apologised for what had happened.

His recollection of the incident was very vague. He had been out with friends, they had been inside the premises but, when he went out, Porter was not allowed back inside because of the state he was in, his lawyer said.

He had left his jacket inside and became “frustrated”.

When he woke up in the garda station, he was able to retrace his steps and his friends told him what happened.