Serial killer Mark Nash lodges appeal against conviction

Mark Nash
Mark Nash

Convicted serial killer Mark Nash has lodged an appeal against his conviction for the brutal murder of two women in Grangegorman nearly 20 years ago.

Nash was jailed for life last month for the double murder of Sylvia Sheils (59) and Mary Callanan (61), whose mutilated bodies were found in their sheltered accommodation, in March 1997.

Reports indicate that the serial killer, who is now a prisoner in the Midlands Prison, lodged an appeal on 45 grounds on May 13.

The main grounds of the appeal are complaints that he did not receive a fair trial because of lateness of disclosure by the prosecution, the admission of his confessions at Galway Garda Station, and the contamination of DNA evidence.

He also complained about the fact that Mr Justice Carroll Moran refused to backdate his sentence, and he has been denied the right to apply for parole for at least another seven years.

Nash was already serving a double life sentence in Arbour Hill Prison when convicted by a jury at the Central Criminal Court after deliberating for just over four hours.

On Monday morning Mark Nash reportedly attempted suicide in prison using a makeshift blade.

According to reports the killer slashed his own throat using a 'shiv' in his cell on Monday morning.

The 42-year-old murderer plunged the object into his neck six times in the Midlands Prison at approximately 3am. 

He was saved only after a prisoner officer noticed him bleeding out on the floor of his cell, the Star reported. 

"This is a very serious suicide attempt," a source told the publication. "By the time the officer got to him he had already lost a huge amount of blood.

"Somehow he missed striking an artery - otherwise he would have ended his miserable life."

The source added the prison guard used blankets to staunch the blood until the nurse arrived and he was treated.

"Nash would definitely have died if the officer hadn't got to him so quickly."

He is being treated for serious wounds before being placed in a close observation cell where he is under 24-hour watch. 

Nash has been suffering in severe depths of depression since he was last month convicted of a double murder.

The source said he was particularly agitated by a row he had with fellow prisoner and convicted killer Warren Dumbrell on Monday.