Receptionist says he saw alleged rape victim on verge of tears leaving hotel

A Dublin man is alleged to have raped the homeless woman at the George Frederic Handel Hotel
A Dublin man is alleged to have raped the homeless woman at the George Frederic Handel Hotel

A hotel receptionist has told a trial that a woman was on the verge of crying when she came down from a hotel room where she was allegedly raped.

A 27-year-old Dublin man is alleged to have raped the homeless woman in a room at the George Frederic Handel Hotel, Fishamble Street, Dublin in the early hours of March 27, 2012.

His co-accused, a 40-year-old Dublin man, is alleged to have watched during the rape and to have threatened the woman about reporting it to gardaí. Both men, who are legally entitled to anonymity unless convicted, have pleaded not guilty to charges of rape.

On day four of the trial Emmet O'Shaughnessy told the jury that he was working at the reception of the hotel on the night. He said that he checked the two accused and the alleged victim into a room at around 1.40am.

He said sometime after two o'clock the woman came down into the hotel lobby. He said she seemed upset and on the verge of crying. He said she told him, “you've got two filthy scumbags up there”.

The witness asked her if she was ok and he said she replied, “yeah”. She said she went outside and he watched her walk down the street because he was concerned about her.

He said a short time later one of the accused came down to the lobby dressed in just underwear and asked him where the woman had gone. He went back up in the lift and a little later the two men came down to leave.

He said the first man seemed a little angry at the older man. He said the first accused told the older man: “It's because of what you did”.

The court heard that Mr O'Shaughnessy told gardaí that the younger man had said “it's because of what you said” and the other man replied, “no, it's because of you”.

He also told gardaí that when the men were signing out to get their room deposit back they each signed the other man's name. He said once outside the younger man was yelling at the older man.

He told Feargal Kavanagh SC, defending, that when the three people first arrived they seemed to know each other. He said that the woman and the younger man were close together and talking and agreed that he got the impression they were an item.

The trial continues before Justice Margaret Heneghan and a jury of eight men and four women.

By Declan Brennan