Rape accused said injury's were caused by using his fingers “really, really hard”

Rape accused said injury's were caused by using his fingers “really, really hard”

A man accused of raping an acquaintance in a back alley during a night out told gardai that the injuries caused to her private parts might have been from using his fingers “really, really hard”.

The 22-year-old denied lifting the then 18-year-old woman off the ground and penetrating her with his penis.

He described touching her vagina during the encounter and realised afterwards in the street light that his hand was covered in blood.

The accused has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to rape of the woman in the alleyway of a Donegal town in July 2012.

A garda sergeant told Pauline Walley SC, prosecuting, that later that month he retrieved a pair of jeans and boxer shorts from a laundry pile at the accused's home.

He said he and a colleague put a medical report of the wounds to the woman's private parts to the accused.

When asked how those injuries were caused the man said he could have used two fingers “really, really hard” and that he “kept moving them in and out”.

He said he rubbed the woman on the outside of her vagina, when gardai put it to him that the injuries were external.

The man told gardai that he didn't think the woman had said “not here” while they were in the alley.

He denied when gardai put it to him that he had lifted her up and driven his penis at her vagina, saying: “All I did was finger her”.

He said he did not put his penis inside the woman and reiterated that he could have used three fingers and “gone as hard as I could”.

The sergeant told Ms Walley that the man said he couldn't recall hearing the woman express pain and that she ended their encounter because she was tired.

The trial continues before Mr Justice Tony Hunt and a jury of seven men and five women.