Prosecutor tells court that Craig O'Halloran intended to kill or cause serious injury

VICTIM: Kevin Kenny
VICTIM: Kevin Kenny

Lawyers for the State have told the jury in the trial of a Dublin man charged with murder that they can be satisfied the accused attacked the deceased with a knife intending to kill him or cause serious injury.

Craig O'Halloran (21) with an address at Heathfield, Dublin Road in Portlaoise and originally from Colepark Road in Ballyfermot, is charged with murdering Kevin Kenny (32) at the Sarsfield Road in Ballyfermot on July 31st, 2011.

Mr O'Halloran has pleaded not guilty to the charge and is currently on trial at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin.

In his closing speech, Mr Paul Greene SC prosecuting told the jury they have one issue to deal with.

"You're left with one real issue of substance to deal with - the identity of the person who fatally assaulted Mr Kenny," he said.

"There is no doubt he died as the result of a knife wound, one of six inflicted on him.  The circumstances of which must have been done with the person inflicting intending to cause serious harm or kill," he added.

"It's unfortunate that small area up the Sarsfield road was not covered by CCTV."

"In the testimony offered by Sara Burke, her constant iteration was that she was of the view that she was the only person willing to come forward and say what she had seen," he said.

"Something unusual happened between (Robert) Ellis and Stephen Kenny. It is of central significance that some fisty cuffs at the door of a public house can never justify what happened up the road to Kevin Kenny," said Mr Greene.

"You have the evidence of Stephen Kenny who said he saw who stabbed his brother.

He says it was Craig O'Halloran who did it - further it was Craig O'Halloran who threatened him with the knife in the immediate aftermath."

"If Stephen Kenny was having a row with anyone it was with Robert Ellis - he thought Robert Ellis had a knife - he saw him reaching into his pocket.

Wouldn't it make a lot more sense for him to nominate Robert Ellis as having the knife," he said.

"We know Mr Ellis has a history of having knives - he seems to be a very violent man - this begs the question that if that violent man had been in possession of a knife, wouldn't he have produced it at the front door of Ruby Finnegans when threatened by the physical presence of others but instead he ran away."

"When you put it all together, the case is a compelling one - you can be satisfied that it was Craig O'Halloran who attacked the late Kevin Kenny with a knife intending to kill him or cause serious injury," he concluded.

The trial continues in closing speeches on Monday before Mr Justice Patrick cMcCarthy and a jury of five men and seven women.