Co-pilot seven times over legal drink limit jailed for six months

The co-pilot was sentenced to sic months in prison
The co-pilot was sentenced to sic months in prison

An airBaltic co-pilot who failed a breathalyser test before take off earlier this month has been sentenced to six months behind bars.

The co-pilot, along with a number of other crew members, were checked before a flight from Oslo to Greece on August 8 after authorities were tipped off.

It was discovered that four of the five crew members were over the legal limit, the flight crew was grounded and a full investigation was launched.

That has now concluded and the co-pilot was found to be seven times over the legal limit and he has been jailed for six months. The man admitted to drinking two bottles of whiskey and some beer with the crew before the flight's departure.

The pilot, who was twice the legal limit, is contesting the charges and he will be in court next month. Two other members of the flight crew also were confirmed to over the limit.

The airline has said it has begun dismissal procedures against the four members of staff.