Murder accused refused bail to go to Portugal for holiday

Dave and Audrey Mahon
Dave and Audrey Mahon

Grieving mum Audrey Mahon told the Central Criminal Court today that she needs her husband David to travel to Portugal with her, to help her cope with the stress ahead of his trial for the alleged murder of her son.

David Mahon (44), of Ongar Village, Clonsilla is charged with murdering 23-year-old Dean Fitzpatrick on May 26, 2013 at Northern Cross on Dublin's Malahide Road.

The trial is due to begin in April 2016.

Mr Mahon appeared in front of Justice Margaret Heneghan today to apply for a variation of his bail application to allow him to travel to Portugal with his wife for two weeks. The application was refused by Justice Margaret Heneghan.

Ms Mahon took the stand to say that since the disappearance of her daughter Amy in Spain eight years ago, she has suffered mental health problems. She said her psychiatrist had recommended that she travel to Portugal to rest and relax.

Ms Mahon said she has spent a lot of time in Spain trying to find Amy but that she began drinking heavily while she was there.

"After that I started to self harm. It's never ending. It's not something that heals."

She agreed with John Fitzgerald BL, representing Mr Mahon, that she is on anti depressants, xanax for panic attacks, that she has chronic liver disease and takes sleeping tablets.

"I have been getting more stressed with the court case coming up," she added.

She said she had chosen to go to Portugal rather than Spain because she needs to rest and relax and that when she is in Spain she cannot stop working on the quest to find Amy. 

"This trip to Portugal aims to be something different," she said. "I have to relax and have a break."

"Every time I have gone to Spain it is not a holiday. It s working for Amy."

Garret Baker BL, representing the State, said that the medical report given to the court said Ms Mahon would benefit from a trip to Portugal, but did not say it is essential. He also pointed out that the report did not recommend that Mr Mahon travel with his wife.

Ms Mahon responded saying that if he does not go, she will not be able to travel.

"I need him with me," she said. "He is my full time carer. If I get the holiday on my own I can't go. He has looked after me since all this happened. I would be afraid to go to Portugal on my own."

Justice Heneghan, who refused a similar application last week, said she had heard nothing to change her mind and refused the application.