Mum called garda a "f**ker" and told him to shove car "up his hole"

Jean Blake
Jean Blake

Mum of three Jean Blake called a garda a "f**ker" before telling him to sodomise himself with a German luxury saloon.

34-year-old Blake had been pulled over by Garda Niall Deegan who found that she didn't have a valid license or any insurance for her recently purchased car.

When the officer informed her that he would be impounding the vehicle Blake decided to give her kids a show that was described by Judge Tom O’Donnell as a "very unique civics lesson".

Blake told her kids to "call your father" before advising Gda Deegan that he was a "f**ker", adding that all gardaí were "just a bunch of f**kers".

Jean Blake

She then informed the officer to "stick this beamer up your hole, I'll just get a bigger car, you f**ker".

Blake was subsequently convicted, banned from driving for two years and fined for a number of offences, according to reports in the Limerick Post.

Solicitor for the defence Erin O'Hagen told the court that her client wanted to "wholeheartedly apologise" before adding that she had moved house recently and needed her car to drive to work.

Ms Blake said her son had been attacked by five people and she wanted to get him and take him to safety.

"That is not how I normally act, it is totally out of character and I want to sincerely apologise to Garda Deegan and the court. I am deeply sorry," she said as she asked to court to consider the severity of the sentence imposed.

Jean Blake

Judge O’Donnell said that her "conduct was appalling, unnecessary and unhealthy" before lifting the two-year driving disqualification and increasing the fines to €500.

He also asked that the apology from Ms Blake be communicated to Garda Deegan.

She was given six months to pay the fines.