Members of the public cleared from Graham Dwyer trial for a third time

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

Members of the public have been cleared from the Graham Dwyer trial for a third time.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt is using a rarely invoked power under the 1951 Criminal Justice Act to order members of the public to leave the court.

Only persons involved with the murder trial, including legal teams, investigators, family members and accredited media, could remain in the court room 13 for as the prosecutor, Sean Guerin SC, continued presenting evidence.

He told the seven men and five women on the jury that they were shortly going to see some video material found on hard drives recovered from Mr Dwyer's home.

He told them this will be difficult, but urged them to leave aside any emotions or feelings that may come to the forefront of their minds.

“Look at it as information pertaining to the decision you will have to make,” he said.

Judge Hunt said the video material was not being shown to blacken anyone or to make anyone look bad.

He said the jurors were required to be objective and this was evidence they had to weigh up in determining the issues.

He said they must adopt an "antiseptic" approach, difficult and all as it is. He asked them to really bear that in mind.

"You are required to put feelings and emotions to one side, and look at it as information pertaining to the decision you have to make," he said.

Detective Garda Brid Wallace is continuing her evidence about material found on external hard drives recovered from Mr Dwyer's home.

She said she found 38 movie files in unallocated space on a hard drive.

This meant they had been deleted from the drive but could still be recovered.

She said two of these files were self made videos of Graham Dwyer.

There were 35 in which women were present.

Mr Dwyer, a 42-year-old architect from Foxrock in Dublin, denies murdering Elaine O’Hara (36) on August 22, 2012, in the Dublin mountains.

Her remains were found more than a year later – on Sepetmber 13, 2013 – by a dog walker in under growth.

The prosecution alleges he killed her for his own sexual gratification.

Judge Hunt cleared the court on Thursday afternoon and again on Friday morning as documents recovered on an external Seagate hard drive found in Mr Dwyer’s home were read on to the record.

These included a four page document entitled "Killing Darci", and another called “Jenny’s first rape”