Man who kept his excrement in bags all over rented apartment is jailed

Robert Kummer
Robert Kummer

A man who defecated in bags and urinated in bottles, all of which he kept in his rented, luxury apartment has been handed a one year jail sentence.

36-year-old former Apple employee, Robert Kummer, pooed in bags and boxes all over the property during a three-month period.

Kummer’s depraved dirty protest caused €15,000 worth of damage to the apartment, but only paid €800 in compensation.

The revolting techie had smeared the walls, floors and ceilings with his poo and had urinated in bottles all over the apartment.

Kummer was jailed for one year yesterday on the count that between June 1 2013 and September 24 2013 at an apartment at The Quay House, Fitton Street East, Cork, he intentionally or recklessly caused criminal damage to the property.

He had failed to appear in court on a previous occasion and a bench warrant had to be issued for his arrest last week.


Residents of neighbouring apartments were complaining about the smell from Kummer’s apartment.

Garda Lorraine O’Donovan went to the apartment at Fitton Street on September 24 2013 as a result of a call and she met the landlord there.

As Garda O’Donovan discussed this with the landlord, the accused man happened to be approaching and she spoke with him. Initially, he claimed he had been away in America and had only recently returned.

"On opening the front door the most bizarre and unbelievable conditions were observed. There was clothing everywhere and bags of excrement. I could see excrement all over the bedroom and there were bottles of yellow substance," Garda O’Donovan said.

Fire officers were contacted because of the extent of the fouling and damage other gardaí were notified in case it was the scene of a crime other than the criminal damage.

Fire crews had to wear breathing gear to inspect the disgusting scene.

Judge Sean O'Donnabhain in Cork Circuit Criminal Court was told that the excrement had caused enormous damage.

All the floor-boards had to be ripped up and replaced.

The entire flat had to be cleaned and fully redecorated involving all ceilings, walls and floors.

Psychiatrist Dr John Dennehy said that Kummer might have suffered from "depressive episodes".

However, he was still "at a loss to explain his behaviour".

Judge O'Donnabhain acknowledged it was a very strange case. "This is a most unusual case. It is bizarre. There was very extensive damage to the property."

"The accused had every opportunity to pay (significant) compensation. But he did not do so," he added.

Judge O'Donnabhain jailed Kummer for a year