Man to be sentenced for claiming Jobseeker's Allowance while working

O'Malley fraudulent claimed almost €15,000 in benefits
O'Malley fraudulent claimed almost €15,000 in benefits

A JUDGE has adjourned sentencing a Dublin man who fraudulently claimed almost €15,000 in benefits.

Gavin O'Malley, of Hazelcroft Terrace, Finglas has pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court to claiming the Jobseeker's Allowance while he was working, and he admitted he made a false statement.

Judge John O'Neill noted the accused did not attend appointments with the Probation Service which has been asked to furnish the court with a pre-sentence report. The judge also noted that this was the sixth listing of the case and the second probation report to be requested during the proceedings.

“I am entitled to assume you don't care,” he told the defendant who explained that he has recently started a new job.

Judge O'Neill said he did not want to jail him but his behaviour leaves the court with little options. “I will have no hesitation if I get an another report like this one,” he warned before adjourning sentencing until a date in November.

O'Malley, who has no prior convictions, is being prosecuted by the office of the Minister for Social Protection and for wrongfully obtaining €14,906 and has repaid €320.

He has told the court he had been unable to pay back the money but said he is trying.

The offence that can result in a fine of up to €2,500 and, or a six-month sentence in addition to being made pay back the amount of benefits he wrongfully claimed. Dublin District Court also heard that the social welfare department have powers to continue to recoup money owed after a case has been finalised.