Man stabbed in the leg after accepting cash over crash with biker, court hears

Larry McCarthy
Larry McCarthy

A Limerick man was beaten up and stabbed in the leg after agreeing to accept €5,000 in compensation for a collision with a motorcyclist, the Special Criminal Court has heard.

The prosecution case is that Larry McCarthy (37) was among a number of people who threatened to use "unlawful violence" and assaulted David Foran, who earlier that month had been knocked down and then offered compensation by a motorcyclist.

Mr McCarthy, with an address at Tower Lodge, Crossgalla, Old Cork Rd in County Limerick has pleaded not guilty to assaulting Mr Foran at Cornmarket Villas on November 25th, 2014.

He has also denied that he and two other people threatened to use "unlawful violence" at the same place on the same date. 

Rachel Foran, wife of the alleged victim, gave evidence today.

She told prosecuting counsel John Byrne BL that in November 2014 her husband was cycling to his sister's house when he was knocked down by a motorcyclist. 

The court heard that the motorcyclist told Ms Foran he had not given the guards his real name, which was Cathal Kavanagh. 

Mr Kavanagh told her that he had no insurance, Ms Foran said.

Later that day, after Mr Foran was discharged from hospital, Mr Kavanagh went to the Forans' house, where he and Mr Foran smoked weed. 

The court heard that he wanted to offer some kind of compensation, without Mr Foran going to the guards, and that he said he had a job and he would lose everything.

Ms Foran told the court that her husband initially refused the offer but that Mr Kavanagh called over to the house every day, asking over and over again.

She said that on the day of the alleged assault they agreed to meet at Cornmarket Villas and that she thought the agreement was for 5000 Euro.

Ms Foran said that her husband left their house and that was the last she heard of him until he came "running and banging down the door". 

"I opened the door and he fell in," she said. 

He was holding a knife which he dropped to the floor, she added. 

The court also heard that Mr Foran had been wearing a bullet-proof vest. Ms Foran said that he always wore one after being advised to by the guards. 

Earlier, opening the trial, Mr Byrne told the court that the prosecution case is that after entering the carpark at Cornmarket Villas Mr Foran met a number of individuals whose faces were covered with scarves. 

The barrister said the court will hear that Mr McCarthy was present and that he challenged Mr Foran as to why money was being demanded. 

Mr Byrne said the prosecution case is that Mr Foran was beaten by the people and stabbed in the leg by Mr McCarthy.

The trial continues in front of Ms Justice Isobel Kennedy, presiding, sitting with Judge Gerard Griffin and Judge Gerard Haughton.