Man left victim with black eye, broken foot after unprovoked attack in well-known Dublin bar

Paul Murphy (Image via Herald)
Paul Murphy (Image via Herald)

A father-of-three broke a man's foot in an unprovoked attack in a well-known Dublin bar.

Paul Murphy (51) wrongly believed the man had hit him first when he turned and struck him.

The victim suffered a black eye while also breaking a bone in his foot, a court heard.

Murphy, of Blackditch Road, Ballyfermot, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Martin Creghan.

Adjourning the case, Judge Michael Walsh said he would consider imposing a community service order if Murphy paid the victim €4,000 in compensation.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at The George on South Great George's Street, on March 16 last.

Murphy hit Mr Creghan from behind and the victim suffered a fractured metatarsal in his right foot.

"I fell over and whatever way I fell over, I twisted my foot and in the process it broke," he said.

Mr Creghan's foot was in a plaster cast for six weeks but although he recovered, doctors said he would have an increased risk of arthritis in the foot.

Mr Creghan worked devising formats for TV and had missed out on a pitch with Sky as he had been unable to travel.

This had a "massive knock-on effect" for his business, he said.

Murphy, who did "not go out often", had been chatting with people in the smoking area when someone hit him from behind, the court was told.

Another person wrongly identified Mr Creghan as having hit him. "He is from a time when, when one gets hit, one hits back," his barrister said.

He apologised and recognised he was wrong to hit Mr Creghan. Judge Walsh said it was a "totally nasty and unprovoked assault" on someone who was going about his business.

Murphy had worked as a taxi driver but had an accident and was no longer employed.

His marriage broke down in difficult circumstances, the court heard.