Man jailed for making 'oink' noises at a garda

Man jailed for making 'oink' noises at a garda

A man in Carlow has received a one-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to a charge of threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

The Carlow Nationalist reports on the case of Michael Lynch, Bestfield Halting Site, Athy Road, Carlow, who was before Carlow District Court last week.

The case related to an incident at Carlow Courthouse on December 2 2015. Sergeant John Foley told the court that he was in the courthouse that morning just before 12 when he said he saw Lynch in the lobby 'shouting and making noises'.

Lynch also made 'oink' noises as Gardai walked past.

Lynch, who has 24 previous convictions for offences including burglary, assault and robbery is currently serving a sentence of six months.

Lynch's solicitor apologised for his client's behaviour, calling it 'disrespectful' adding: 'At the time he was receiving sentences and he was not in the best of places.'

A one-month sentence was handed down by Judge Daly, to run alongside his current detention.