Man claimed to be a garda before gouging eyes of real garda

Tautvydas Tamulis
Tautvydas Tamulis

A man who claimed to be a garda before attacking and gouging the eyes of a real garda has promised not to drink again after he received a suspended sentence.

The court heard Tautvydas Tamulis (30), who is originally from Lithuania, had drank a bottle and a half of spirits before the incident and his memory of it was "sketchy at best."

Tamulis, formerly of Palmerstown Lodge, Dublin and now living in Ashbourne, Co Meath pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting Garda Patrick O'Rourke causing him harm in Finglas village on June 30, 2015.

He has 25 previous district court convictions, including dangerous driving causing serious harm.

Judge Melanie Greally imposed a two-and-a-half year sentence which she suspended in full on strict conditions. She warned Tamulis that he was “looking over the precipice” and that he would go to prison if he didn't quit drinking.

"I promise I won't drink," Tamulis said as he entered a bond to keep the peace.

Sergeant Mark Fitzpatrick told Fergal Foley BL, prosecuting, that a shop assistant working at Lloyd's Pharmacy at Main Street, Finglas noticed a man in black who appeared to be "casing the place."

She approached to see if he needed assistance and then asked him to leave as she was afraid of his aggressive behaviour and told him she would ring the gardai.

Tamulis told her "I am the gardai" and flashed an ID card at her.

She did not believe him and contacted the gardai. Gda O'Rourke arrived and arrested Tamulis, before placing him in the back of a patrol car. As Gda O'Rourke got into the front, Tamulis jumped out and ran off.

Gda O'Rourke pursued him and there was a struggle as he tried to drag Tamulis back over a fence he was climbing. Gda O'Rourke was punched a number of times to the head and body. Tamulis stuck his finger into the garda's eye before making his escape.

Gda O'Rourke was unfit for work for a number of days but there was no long term damage.

Tamulis was identified by another garda after CCTV was retrieved from the chemist. During interview Tamulis made admissions and told gardai he had been drinking heavily.

Sgt Fitzpatrick said Tamulis' memory was "sketchy at best." He agreed with defence counsel, Keith Spencer BL, that Tamulis was a different man when he was not drinking and that he had apologised.

Mr Spencer said Tamulis had first come to Ireland in 2002 and settled here in 2013. He said his client was attempting to better himself and his partner had just given birth to their child.

He said Tamulis had no criminal intent in the shop and reacted after drinking excessively.