Man caught twice on same day robbing phone box outside garda station

The man tried to rob the phone box - twice on the same day
The man tried to rob the phone box - twice on the same day

A judge has suggested a change of career for a clumsy would-be thief who was caught trying to smash open a payphone not once but TWICE in the same day – right outside a garda station in Dublin.

Tony Simpson, Cabra, was spotted by a garda as he was walking to work at Mountjoy Garda Station in Phibsboro in Dublin ‘interfering’ with the coin box on an Eircom public phone box on May 28.

He was arrested just after 9am and then released – but he was then spotted back at the same phone box at lunchtime that day again trying to relieve the phone box of its stash of change with a hammer.

Simpson, who has no previous convictions, had apparently had a row with his partner and vented his anger on the phone box when it swallowed his change.

Judge Anthony Halpin said: “I don’t think he has a future in crime… he is his own worst enemy,” before adding he was either “very courageous or very stupid” to commit the act right outside a garda station.

He admitted causing criminal damage to the payphone.

The judge adjourned the case until September and said he would apply the Probation Act if the defendant paid €80 compensation to Eircom and €20 to a charity.