Man barred from watching weird YouTube videos and owning bin bags

Man barred from watching weird YouTube videos and owning bin bags

A pervert with a fetish involving wrapping people in polythene and suffocation has been banned from owning bin bags and looking at images or videos of people who have been vacuum packed or asphyxiated.

Warren Harris (46) from Cheltenham, UK had been banned from viewing the images in 2010 but police discovered he had ignored this.

Officers found that he had “been watching films on You Tube in relation to women being vacuum packed and aspyhxiated.

“Written stories relating to asphyxiation were also found.”

The court also heard that the perverted polythene packer had been jailed for nine years after being convicted for sexual assault and ill-treatment of a girl under 14.

He admitted that he had recently watched videos of teens aged 17 or 18 being put in plastic bags and vacuum sealed.

The prosecution told Recorder Robert Linford that Harris “said he had been doing it twice a day for two hours at a time. He said he was sorry, he knew it was wrong but he enjoyed it.”

Mr Linford deferred sentencing for six months to see if Harris could receive expert help.

However he had this warning for him if he failed to comply: “I will lock you up and throw the key so far away that you will never find it. I am giving you a chance. Don’t blow it.”