Man allegedly killed woman by sticking shampoo bottle up her backside

Majella Lynch
Majella Lynch

Horrific details have emerged of the murder of 51-year-old Majelle Lynch which caused one juror to collapse and vomit in the courtroom.

The juror fainted just 10-minutes into the first day of the trial of Daniel McBride (43) who is charged with killing Miss Lynch.

The prosecution told Winchester Crown Court that Miss Lynch suffered horrific injuries and died from blood poisoning after a 400ml bottle of shampoo was pushed into her abdomen in a “perverted sexual assault” at her basement flat in Southampton, UK.

The 51-year-old was taken to hospital with severe pains after being discovered by a care worker in her home.

Despite doctors being able to remove the bottle, Miss Lynch later tragically died from septicaemia.

After Mr Justice Akenhead warned the jury: “You will see evidence which some of you, if not all of you will, find shocking and disturbing” prosecutor William Mousley QC began explaining the case.

At this point a woman selected as a standby juror collapsed in her seat.

A male spare juror called for assistance and the case was halted but as the woman was being led from the court, she collapsed again on the floor.

When proceedings continued Mr Mousley claimed that: "This was not self-inflicted, as she (Miss Lynch) would have gained no sexual gratification from this.

"It is the prosecution's belief that on April 18 the defendant visited her in the early hours of the morning.

“Blood containing his DNA was found in her flat.

"Nobody else could have been responsible for this perverted sexual assault. He had an interest in violent sexual activity and was in the mood for sex that night having had an argument with his girlfriend and being rejected by another female.

"He had also been drinking and taking drugs."

McBride from St Denys Road, Southampton denies murdering Miss Lynch.

The court heard that he initially said that he had never met Miss Lynch nor had he ever been to her apartment, but following the emergence of further evidence he admitted visiting the flat.  

Miss Lynch was a chronic drinker and became very vulnerable when she was in a drunken state, the jury was told.

She had suffered a fall which reduced her mobility, so she spent a lot of her time in or around her flat.

The court also heard that previous lovers of McBride said he enjoyed rough, anal sex and had even left his own anus with tears and needle marks from where he had engaged in sexual activity on his own.

Ms Lynch was a charitable woman well known in her community for her help with homeless charities the Society of St James and Two Saints.

Friends and loved ones described her as kind, considerate, generous and caring.

The trial continues.