Limerick man caught with €44,000 in his tracksuit bottoms

Limerick man caught with €44,000 in his tracksuit bottoms

A Limerick man has offered no objection to forfeiting €44,000 which a judge ruled was the proceeds of crime or was intended for use in criminal conduct.

Warren Hehir (25) of The Path, Garryowen, was the passenger in a car on the Long Mile Road in Dublin on August 28, 2015. Gardaí pulled the vehicle over after the driver took a wrong turn into an oncoming traffic.

Officers believed the men were acting suspiciously and searched the car. A sum of cash, €43,970, was found, bundled into €1,000 notes, in Hehir's tracksuit bottoms, while a further €635 was found in his pocket, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court was told.

Garda Brendan Maher said Hehir has told him he is not interested in opposing the State's application to have the cash forfeited.

Grainne O'Neill BL, prosecuting read from an affidavit from Sergeant Mark Campbell.

It stated the driver told gardaí that he and Hehir had got lost and they were looking for the Kildare Village retail outlet, yet the location on the Sat Nav indicated a different location.

Hehir took responsibility for the cash. He told gardaí he was intending to use the money to buy an Audi for his girlfriend. He said that his mother had lent him the money but she later told gardaí that she didn't give it to him and didn't know that her son was in Dublin.

Hehir had no legitimate source of income. He denied that he had the money to buy drugs.

Sgt Campbell's affidavit confirmed that Hehir had 33 previous convictions, including drug dealing and theft. He had also been suspected of being involved in a number of incidents including robbing a taxi driver and possession of a screwdriver on the suspicion that it was being used to break into vehicles, but has never been charged with these offences.

The affidavit also outlined that Hehir associated with known criminals in Limerick.

Judge Melanie Greally said she was satisfied; having listened to the affidavits opened that the cash represented the proceeds of crime or was intended for use in criminal conduct.