Land League boss Jerry Beades in court charged with "bog standard" offence

Jerry Beades
Jerry Beades

The man who described the palatial Killiney mansion ‘Gorse Hill’ as being "bog standard" appeared in court today.

After six court hearings campaigner Jerry Beades has indicated he is pleading not guilty to charges of obstructing traffic and failing to give his details to a garda.

The 55-year-old builder turned New Land League boss was before Dublin District Court again today for his on-going case in which he faces two charges under the Road Traffic Act.

He is accused of parking in a manner that obstructed traffic at Richmond Avenue and failing to give identity information, on November 14, last year.

A plea had yet to be entered and Mr Beades said today he thought the case was only listed “for mention”.

Judge Patrick Clyne noted that this was the sixth occasion the case has been before the court and that matters are only listed on days one and two for mention and for disclosure to be arranged.

The judge then asked him: “Is there any chance we can get shot of it?”

The campaigner, who supported solicitor Brian O'Donnell's failed bid to hold on to his Gorse Hill mansion, got into the witness box and said, “there is a problem with the paper worker, I actually do not own the vehicle”.

The judge adjourned the case until later in the day and advised him to speak to a lawyer.

When the case resumed, his solicitor Brian Keenan addressed the court. 

He had taken instructions from Mr Beades and indicated that “a date for hearing is being sought”, an indication of a not guilty plea meaning the charges will be fully contested.

Judge Clyne noted from Mr Keenan that the matter will take about 20 minutes to be heard and a November trial date was set.

The case has been before the district court on several dates since the alleged incident and on April 1 a bench warrant had been issued for not turning up. 

On May 7 Beades, from Richmond Avenue, Fairview, Dublin, met gardai and was brought to court where he explained that “it was an error on my part”.

He had then said that when he discovered it he contacted gardai and presented himself to them.