Land League boss in fight with Dublin City Council over flat improvements

Jerry Beades
Jerry Beades

CAMPAIGNER Jerry Beades is fighting Dublin City Council which is attempting to prosecute him for not obeying an order for improvements at a building containing flats.

The 55-year-old building developer turned New Land League boss was before Dublin District Court today after a summons was issued earlier.

He is being prosecuted by Dublin City Council on a charge of failing to comply with an improvement notice dated May 8, 2013 relating to three flats and the common areas at 31 Richmond Avenue in north Dublin.

The charge is contrary to the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1992.

Mr Beades, representing himself, told Judge John O'Neill that an order for discovery had been made by the court previously. He said the proceedings had been taken against him as a landlord of the property.

The businessman said he was not the owner of the property and he had local authority documents saying that. 

A solicitor for the council confirmed that all the evidence they intended to use had been disclosed to Mr Beades as part of the discovery order.

In reply, Mr Beades said that he would have a number of witnesses. He also said the court had the ability to strike out the case.

Judge O'Neill said he was granting a seven-week adjournment and if the council indicate on the next date that they are proceeding, a hearing date could be set.

Mr Beades has an address at Richmond Avenue in Fairview but it is different to the property which is the subject of the prosecution.

Mr Beades told the court that he would need at least a six-week adjournment because he is working overseas currently.

The case resumes on June 23.