Jail for man who glassed victim with broken bottle

Jail for man who glassed victim with broken bottle

A man who glassed his victim with a broken bottle, leaving him legally blind in one eye, has been sentenced to nine years with the final two years suspended.

Sean Kenny (24) hit Raphael Momoh (21) in the eye with a broken glass bottle which cut the victim's cornea and left him with noticeable scarring on his upper and lower eyelid. Mr Momoh required a corneal transplant to restore his vision.

Kenny, of Lourdes Road, Maryland, Dublin pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm to Mr Momoh on Parkgate Street on January 29, 2013.

Kenny has 49 previous convictions including criminal damage, violent behaviour in a garda station and dangerous driving. He is currently serving a sentence for drug dealing and violent disorder.

Sentencing Kenny today, Judge Patricia Ryan said it was an unprovoked attack on Mr Momoh.

“The injured party already had a disability and now has, in effect, no sight in one eye,” she said.

The court previously heard Mr Momoh was hit on the back of the head as he was walking towards Heuston Station, having heard someone calling him. He was punched to the face, stomach and chest before a passer-by intervened and pulled his attacker off him.

Mr Momoh crossed the road but two men continued to follow while gesticulating and shouting at him. He then recognised Kenny from an incident at a 21st birthday party the previous Saturday.

Kenny picked up a glass bottle, broke it off a nearby bin and swung it at Mr Momoh, hitting him in the eye.

Mr Momoh collapsed and came to a few minutes later with a woman putting a scarf over his eye to stem the blood. He lost consciousness again and woke up in the ambulance.

Mr Momoh previously told the court that since the attack he felt different and was scared of making eye contact with people. He felt as though he was being looked at with “judging faces” and it had affected his relationship with friends.

He said sometimes when he tried to go to sleep he recollected the events of the night. When he looked up at anyone it caused him unbearable pain and his behaviour was “not right” since the assault.

Gardaí used CCTV footage, particularly from the Criminal Courts of Justice, statements from independent witnesses and Mr Momoh's identification to nominate Kenny as a suspect.

The court heard he had a supportive family, in particular his mother who attended court on each occasion.

The court heard the offence was in the most serious range, with sentences ranging from seven-and-a-half to twelve-and-a-half years.

Judge Ryan took into account mitigating factors, including that the attack was opportunistic and Kenny had co-operated with gardaí.

Kenny hugged his mother before he was taken back into custody.