Girls awarded €18k after mock robbery in Dundrum Shopping centre

Girls awarded €18k after mock robbery in Dundrum Shopping centre

Two young girls were awarded €18,000 in damages after they were caught up in a mock robbery which took place in a Dublin H&M store.

The Circuit Civil Court today heard that the robbery was part of a training exercise for staff.

In March 2013 11-year-old Abbie and 6-year-old Casie Kennedy, along with their mother Claudia were at H&M in Dundrum Shopping Centre when the “terrifying” incident happened.

The family, from Foxborough Road, Lucan, Co Dublin, were in the shop’s changing room when they heard someone shouting “everybody get down on the ground, open the fucking till, get down on the ground, what are you looking at?”

They remained in the changing rooms, allegedly fearing for their lives, while the training exercise played out.

Judge Rory MacCabe was told the family went out of the changing room when they heard people talking in the store.

A H&M store manager had later told Ms McGrane that an individual had been training staff in the event that there was a robbery, and what they had heard had been a robbery simulation.

Claudia McGrane contacted H&M’s head office to complain and was offered a €30 voucher as a token of their apology, which she refused.

The two young girls sued H&M through their mother for person injury claiming that the company had failed to ensure there were no customers in the changing area during the mock robbery.

Judge MacCabe heard that the two girls had been frightened and upset and had nightmares since the incident.

The court was told that H&M had made settlement offers of €10,000 for Abbie and €8,000 for Casie, which the judge approved.