'Easily led' man who kept sketch during Finglas robbery avoids jail

'Easily led' man who kept sketch during Finglas robbery avoids jail

A man who acted as a lookout during the burglary of a couple in their nineties and was caught after leaving his mobile phone at the scene has been given a suspended sentence.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard the son of the elderly couple came to the house after the break-in and heard ringing coming from the back garden. He found a phone under a tree and gave it to gardaí.

Analysis of the device linked it to Garrett Lyster (22) who later admitted “keeping sketch” during the burglary.

Lyster of Casemount Grove, Finglas, Dublin pleaded guilty to burglary at the house in Finglas on May 12, 2013.

Judge Catherine Murphy imposed a one year sentence which she suspended on strict conditions. She wished Lyster the best and told him she didn't want to see him again.

Eilis Brennan BL, prosecuting, said that the couple, who are aged in their early nineties, were in bed when at about 4.30am the husband heard a noise. He took a saw which was kept under the bed and went to the bedroom door.

One of the raiders put his hand in the door and the man hit it with the saw. The raider then struck the victim with a sharp object, cutting his hand before fleeing. Gardaí arrived shortly afterwards and the victim was taken to hospital.

The court heard there were no victim impact reports from the couple because the woman had Alzheimer's disease and the man was very ill.

Defence counsel Giollaíosa O'Lideadha SC submitted that Lyster, a father of two, was a vulnerable man who was easily led.

He said he no longer associated with the peer group that carried out the break-in.

By Conor Gallagher