Dublin woman called gardai "f***ing pigs” before biting and headbutting officer

Dublin woman called gardai "f***ing pigs” before biting and headbutting officer

A 24-year-old Dublin mother was stopped by gardai as she drunkenly strolled down a road carrying a litre of whiskey at 10am on Sunday the 12th of April this year.

Lyndsey Edmunds verbally abused the gardai when they approached her, calling the officers "f***ing pigs, c***s and w****rs".

Edmunds, from Sheephill Avenue in Blanchardstown, attempted to headbutt and bite officers following her arrest, and had to be physically restrained.

The defendant admitted before Blanchardstown District court to public drunkenness and threatening and abusive behaviour/

The court heard from Garda Quill that Edmunds was on the roadway, was very drunk and was carrying a litre of whiskey.

He said she was arrested and taken to Blanchardstown Garda Station, where she attempted to headbutt and bite gardai.

She had to be physically restrained and was placed in a station cell, where she continued to be aggressive and bang on the cell door.

The court head that Edmunds has no prior convictions and that she was leaving one party and heading to another.

Defence solicitor Margaret McEvilly said Edmunds had no idea why" she behaved in such a manner.

Judge David McHugh said he would leave Edmunds without a conviction if she writes a letter of apology to Garda Mark Quill, donates €50 to Blanchardstown Hospice and completes 10 hours of voluntary work.