Dublin man who threw pint glass at woman's face during christening is jailed

Glassed: Callery hit Danielle Byrne in the face with the glass after he lost his temper
Glassed: Callery hit Danielle Byrne in the face with the glass after he lost his temper

A man who threw a pint glass at a woman attending his child’s christening and left the victim with scars and nerve damage to her eye has been jailed for 18 months.

Thomas Callery hit Danielle Byrne in the face with the glass after he lost his temper following a melee which broke out between Ms Byrne and other guests.

Callery (42) of Coultry Drive, Ballymun, Dublin pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assault causing harm to Danielle Byrne (22) on March 10, 2013 at the Swiss Cottage in Santry.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring imposed a three year sentence with half suspended and ordered Callery to undergo twelve months probation supervision on his release.

Garda Gareth Moran told Fiona Murphy BL, prosecuting that Ms Byrne was attending Callery’s child’s christening at the pub when a fight broke out between two of the guests.

Ms Byrne grabbed one of the guests by the face and told him not to push her friend again. She told gardaí she had drank five cocktails and two pints and was “tipsy.”

Callery’s partner Kim Hutchinson then grabbed Ms Byrne by the head and pushed her towards the ground before Ms Byrne kicked out at Ms Hutchinson.

Gda Moran said Ms Byrne went to run at Ms Hutchinson but Callery punched Ms Byrne on the left side of the face.

While a bouncer was intervening and holding Ms Byrne and Ms Hutchinson apart, Callery threw a pint glass which hit Ms Byrne in the face.

“The glass smashed and hit Ms Byrne in the right eye causing her to black out and fall to the floor,” said Gda Moran.

An ambulance was called and all the guests were ordered to leave the premises.

In a victim impact report, Ms Byrne said she suffered nerve damage to her eye and is required to use eye drops on a daily basis. She received scarring to her eye brow and cheek and now suffers anxiety attacks as well as being nervous when in a pub.

Gda Moran agreed with defence counsel Lorcan Staines BL that alcohol does not suit Callery, who has 14 previous convictions, including one for common assault from 2006.

Mr Staines said Callery suffers from clinical depression and because he supports his three children and six step children he cannot come up with compensation.

“He admits he did throw the glass but it was in anger of the melee that was happening. It was a reckless act and he is aware the consequences are severe,” said counsel.

Judge Ring said she cannot ignore the damage done despite the inappropriate behavior of Ms Byrne and other guests.

“Everyone should have minded their own business,” said Judge Ring, adding that she accepts that Callery had no intention to cause the harm he did but that “he must have known someone would have been injured.”

 Nicola Donnelly