Dublin man called garda a 'ponce' on way home from funeral

Dublin man called garda a 'ponce' on way home from funeral

A FUNERAL-goer stopped by a garda on his way home from the service hurled abuse at the officer, calling him a “ponce”, a court heard

David McCarthy (24) “mouthed off” because he was surprised at being approached by gardai, who were investigating an unrelated complaint.

Judge Michael Walsh put him on a bond to keep the peace for a year. McCarthy, of Conyngham Road, Islandbridge, pleaded guilty to threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were on patrol at Grantham Street on March 13 when they received a complaint that a man was acting suspiciously at Grantham Mews.

A garda approached three men, including the defendant, who seemed “ very aggrieved”.

He called the garda a “ponce” and told him to “shut his effing hole”.

The garda told the accused to desist from using this language and McCarthy’s friends tried to calm him down.

However, he would not stop and was arrested. He later told officers he had been at a funeral earlier that day and apologised on leaving the garda station.

The accused was “mouthing off”, his lawyer said. McCarthy had been living in a hostel at the scene. He was coming back with his friends when he was stopped by gardai, who had been called on an unrelated matter.

The accused had had a few drinks at the time but was not intoxicated. He was on medication for depression.

McCarthy’s girlfriend is now expecting a baby. “He seems to have changed his life and really does want to put this behind him,” his lawyer said.

“He is frightened that if he gets a custodial sentence he will lose the opportunity to be with his girlfriend while she is pregnant.”