Drunk fired beer cans at Dublin traffic following row with mum

Drunk fired beer cans at Dublin traffic following row with mum

A MAN who “fell off the wagon” after he had an argument with his mother began throwing beer cans at passing traffic while drunk, Balbriggan District Court heard.

Stephen McGrath (33), of Mourne Grove, Skerries, also urinated on the street and refused to give gardai his details.

He was later found to have a small amount of cannabis herb on him.

McGrath, who has 24 previous convictions, pleaded guilty to being drunk and a danger to himself on Lower Main Street in Rush, refusing to give his details to gardai and being in unlawful possession of cannabis herb.

Patrick Jackson, defending, said McGrath had attended Cuan Mhuire Treatment Centre for alcohol dependency until last year and was a carer for his mother until she died.

He said that on the day of the offences, McGrath had an argument with her.

“Things got on top of him and he fell off the wagon.

He doesn’t have much of a memory of the evening and doesn’t remember having the cannabis.

He doesn’t even use the drug,” he said. Judge Dermot Dempsey ordered a probation and welfare report on McGrath and another to assess his suitability to do community service in lieu of a prison sentence.