Drunk Dublin dad took part in assault of refuse collector over "blacklisted" bin

Drunk Dublin dad took part in assault of refuse collector over "blacklisted" bin

A father of five who took part in drunkenly assaulting a refuse collector after a bin was not collected because it had been "blacklisted" for non payment will be sentenced in July.

John Morley (31) was one of three men who assaulted the Romanian man working with Greyhound Recycling. A garda who attended at the scene was attacked by one of his co-accused.

Morley of Deanstown Drive, Finglas, Dublin pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting the man causing him harm at Virgina Park, Finglas on August 5, 2015. He has 20 previous convictions.

Co-accused John McCann (32) and Craig Redmond (21) received three-year sentences last February for their roles in assaulting the bin man.

McCann, who also admitted assaulting the garda, had the final 18 months of his sentence suspended. Redmond had the final year of his sentence suspended.

Sergeant Robert Griffin told Karl Finnegan BL, prosecuting, that the victim was part of a three-man bin collection crew working on Virgina Park when they came across a bin "blacklisted" for non-payment.

The bin was removed from the back of the truck and a sticker placed on it to alert the owner. Three men came towards the bin crew complaining to the victim's co-worker that the bin was not being collected. He intervened to explain the situation and the men began pushing the refuse collectors.

Two of the men began emptying the bin into the back of the truck. One of the men held a cigarette lighter in his hand and asked the crew did they want him to start a fire.

One of the men getting down off the back of the truck scratched his leg on the lift. He accused the driver of pressing a button to move it and trying to kill him. The workers explained to him that there was a sensor on the lift and he had in fact set it off himself.

Sgt Griffin said the driver of the truck drove off after one of the men tried to pull him out of the cab.

The victim managed to call gardai before one of the men tried to punch him. He avoided the blow but fell over. He was on the ground being kicked by the men when gardai arrived.

Morley and Redmond told gardai that they had been defending themselves. McCann ran from the scene but was caught and brought back by gardai as they tried to establish what was going on.

Sgt Griffin said as the victim explained that he had been attacked by the men, Morley became verbally abusive. Gardai decided to arrest him and he became aggressive and abusive towards them.

Garda Michael Hughes was attacked and injured by McCann but managed to pepper spray him and Morley to subdue them. Morley was arrested and brought to Finglas garda station.

He told gardai that he had come upon the situation and had been trying to assist the men by emptying the bin into the truck.

Seoirse O Dunlaing BL, defending Morley, said his client had been drunk at the time. He said alcohol does not provide a defence or an excuse but does provide an explanation or context.

He said he was instructed to apologise on behalf of his client. He handed a number of reports into court as well as a letter from Morley's partner.

Judge Melanie Greally adjourned sentencing until July 28 next to allow a probation report be prepared.

Fiona Ferguson