Court hears victim died from multiple stab wounds

Donal Colgan
Donal Colgan

A 45-year-old man died from multiple stab wounds suffered outside a Dublin chip shop, a murder trial at the Central Criminal Court heard today.

Deputy State Pathologist Dr Michael Curtis gave evidence at the trial of Donal Colgan (65), of Killarney Court, Killarney St, Dublin 1. Mr Colgan has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 45-year-old David Sheridan on August 17/18, 2014.

Dr Curtis told prosecuting counsel Paul Burns SC that he examined Mr Sheridan's body soon after his death on the morning of August 18.

He said he identified four stab wounds.

One to the abdomen had severed arteries that lead from the intestine to the liver, causing bleeding that surgeons were unable to stop. Another stab wound left a superficial injury on his left lung while two further injuries to his arm and hand suggested that he had tried to defend himself.

He concluded that Mr Sheridan died from "multiple stab wounds". When shown a block of knives that were taken from Mr Colgan's home, he identified one knife as being the most likely to have inflicted the wounds.

The jury also heard evidence from Gary Kinlan, a friend of the deceased who was with Mr Sheridan at the time of his death. Mr Kinlan told Mr Burns that he was having a laugh with his friend when Mr Colgan accused them of laughing at him and attacked them before walking off. He said he then returned with a knife and stabbed David Sheridan.

The trial continues this afternoon in front of Justice Carmel Stewart and a jury of nine men and three women.