Court hears asylum seeker died from single stab wound to the chest

Court hears asylum seeker died from single stab wound to the chest

An asylum seeker bled to death after a single stab wound to the chest severed a major artery, the Central Criminal Court heard Tuesday.

Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margaret Bolster examined the body of George Tkeshelashvili (57), on October 16, 2005, one day after his death.

She told prosecuting counsel Mr Tim O'Leary SC that the single stab wound was 4 centimetres in width and eight centimetres deep and penetrated his left lung and thoracic artery, causing him to bleed to death. His left lung had also collapsed.

Badri Khvedelidze (33), a Georgian national who formerly lived at Westward Court, Tralee, Co Kerry has pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Tkeshelashvili.

During a brief hearing in front of a jury and Justice Isobel Kennedy on Tuesday Dr Bolster described the injury that she said caused his death.

She said it was consistent with someone stabbing in a thrusting motion while both parties were standing up and that the knife entered the body towards the top of the left lung.

She said she could not tell how long the blade was, as it is possible that it did not penetrate as far as the hilt, but that it was at least 8 centimetres. 

Defence counsel Kerida Naidoo SC put it to Dr Bolster that Mr Tkeshelashvili was unlucky that the knife had severed such a major artery. She responded that her evidence simply states that the artery was severed.

The trial continues Wednesday October 28.