Court hears alleged stalker "burnt partners face with cigarette"

Carlos De Oliveria
Carlos De Oliveria

THE DPP has been given four weeks to consider the prosecution of a 27-year-old Brazilian man accused of stalking and attacking his former male partner in Dublin.

It has been alleged Carlos De Oliveria, 27, bombarded his ex with texts and phone calls after their relationship ended and later assaulted him by putting out a cigarette on his face and biting him, Dublin District Court has heard.

The 27-year-old, who has an address on the North Circular Road in Dublin, brandished a knife and tried to stab another man who later got into a relationship with his former partner, the court has also been told.

He is charged with assault causing harm, harassment and production of a knife with a four-inch blade in a manner that could have caused serious injury, on dates in 2014 and this year

Today he appeared before Judge John Coughlan and defence solicitor Declan Fahy told the court,“I understand the DPP is looking for four weeks to consider the matter”. The State agreed they were seeking the adjournment and Judge Coughlan ordered Mr De Oliveria, who did not address the court, to appear again in October.

A ruling has to be made on whether the case will be dealt with in the district court or instead go to the circuit court which can impose lengthier sentences. A victim impact statement and medical reports have been sought.

In an outline of the allegations given in July, the district court has heard it was alleged the injured party and Mr De Oliveria had been in a relationship. However, the complainant put an end to it and Mr De Oliveria “did not take the end of this relationship too kindly and persisted in contacting the injured party”.

He allegedly sent messages demanding answers as to why the relationship ended.

It was alleged he sent a message saying: “Why can't you answer me? I am going to destroy your life, I'm going to Facebook all your family, I'm going to tell everyone we are still in a relationship”.

It is alleged he harassed the man from June 1st until August 21st last year. The court was told the injured party would be called 20 times a day. Once he had 130 missed calls from the defendant while on another date there were 80 missed calls and 20 texts from him over a two-hour period, it was claimed.

The court was told the man later got into relationship with another man and this “caused angst with the defendant”. It was alleged that on the night of October 30th last at Blackhall Place in Dublin 7 the complainant had just left work and was with his new partner.

They noticed Carlos De Oliveria walking toward them and attempted to pass him on the path. However, the accused allegedly grabbed his former partner and refused to let go. The court heard it would be claimed he quenched a cigarette on his face just under his eye and started to push him.

It was alleged there was a struggle, he bit his wrist drawing blood and leaving him with a scar. On January 23 last Mr De Oliveria allegedly approached the man's new partner at Blackhall Place but was told to go home.

The court heard Mr De Oliveria “pulled a knife out of his jacket” and went to stab him and he was “making a jabbing motion with the knife, jabbing it downwards” before he was disarmed.