Court cleared as Ireland’s most notorious inmate led to the dock

Leon Wright
Leon Wright

Ireland’s most notorious inmate, Leon Wright, appeared in Portlaoise District Court last Thursday.

Wright, who is currently serving an eight-year sentence in Portlaoise prison, was flanked by six prison guards in full body riot gear with visors down.

According reports in The Nationalist, Inspector Ollie Baker asked Judge Catherine Staines for permission to clear the courtroom, saying that the move was necessary “as the next defendant is a very violent person”.

Judge Stains agreed and the courtroom was cleared with the exception of gardai and members of the press.

According to reports Wright was summoned with four counts of assault on prison officers on 11 February last year.

However, Wright told the court: “I never got the summons.”

Wright then told the court that he has no legal representation and asked that solicitor Josephine Fitzpatrick to represent him in the case.

Judge Staines agreed to his request and adjourned the case until the 2nd of February to give Wright time to consider his plea.