Irish farmer told neighbour he’d “f**k him under a tractor” during dispute

Irish farmer told neighbour he’d “f**k him under a tractor” during dispute

43-year-old farmer John Keane appeared in Kilrush District Court in connection with a “menacing and grossly offensive” message he left on his neighbour Eoin Gibson’s phone, on the 17th of August last year.

The voicemail was left following an incident which occurred on a narrow country road earlier that day.

Mr Keane was towing a slurry tank in his car when he met Mr Gibson’s tractor on a road in west Clare.

The court heard that Keane felt as though he was “squeezed” by the Gibson tractor, which had a digger attached, as they passed each other.

Later in the day, Keane called Eoin Gibson’s phone “out of pure frustration”.

The following rant was read out in Kilrush District Court:

“Here’s a brief f***ing message. Your digger is over half the width of the road. The next time you meet me with a f***ing digger and I’ve a tractor you f***ing yield or I’ll follow you and I will pull you out... I’ll tell you don’t f***ing squeeze me again or I’ll f**k you in under it.

“If you’ve a digger Eoin you pull in off the f***ing road. You’re wider than half the f***ing road. I’m entitled to my side. I’m inside in the ditch. Don’t push it now.”

However Eoin Gibson was not driving the tractor that day as his brother Nigel was behind the wheel.

Mr Keane’s solicitor Patrick Moylan said: “It is a very rural Ireland case where a tractor meets a car on the road and these conversations would happen quite regularly.”

Mr Moylan said that after the incident, Mr Keane brought his mother to Mr Gibson’s grandfather’s funeral and to his aunt’s funeral and sympathised with him, reports the Irish Sun.

Eoin Gibson told the court that he and Mr Keane had been friends until 2008/2008 when, he claims, he wasn’t fully paid by Mr Keane for work he undertook.

Judge Durcan said that he would give the two men until June 14 to resolve the issues.

He said: “Mr Moylan if it is not resolved, I will resolve it in a way that is not comfortable.”