Cabbie conned out of €192 fare by mannequin

Cabbie conned out of €192 fare by mannequin

An unlucky and possibly unobservant taxi driver was hailed by three men for a late night drive from Brighton to London.

The first man was dropped off 50 miles later, then the second man left the cab, telling the driver the address of their friend on the back seat, who was “asleep”.

On his final stop the taxi driver descended into the back seat of the cab, in order to wake up the last passenger, only to discover a mannequin on the back seat.

City- Cabs boss, Andy Cheesman, said: “He was expecting the last passenger to pay so he lost the lot.

“It has been the funniest thing which has happened to one of our drivers.

“You can imagine the stick he got from the other drivers.”