Boy (14) threatened to slit man's throat during terrifying robbery in Dublin

The victim was mugged and threatened during the ordeal off Amien Street
The victim was mugged and threatened during the ordeal off Amien Street

A THEN 14-year-old boy, who was armed with a broken bottle when he held a young man against his will and threatened to slit his throat, has been detained for five months.

The terrifying false imprisonment and robbery incident on a Dublin street at 5am on June 2nd last, the Dublin Children's Court heard.

The 19-year-old man was drunk when he was initially befriended before he was held for 15 minutes by youths armed with a broken bottles. His bank card was taken and used to withdraw €220 from his account.

The now 15-year-old defendant pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and robbery charges and was sentenced to five months' detention by Judge John O'Connor. He also ordered that the boy must remain on supervised probation for five months following his release.

Garda John Saunderson told the court the victim had gone out with colleagues in the city-centre and became intoxicated. At 5am he tried to get an early train home from Connolly station but it was closed and he sat down at a nearby street.

Gda Saunderson said it was alleged two teenagers approached him and started talking to him and asked him for €10 which was handed over.

Gda Saunderson said the young man alleges he walked with the boys to Amien St where he agreed to go into a shop to buy them cigarettes.

“When he walked back to the youths it would be alleged they were in possession of broken bottles. The injured party was threatened with these broken bottles and was escorted to Preston St, a cul-de-sac off Amien Street,” said Gda Saunderson.

“He was searched by the two youths and handed over his debit card and mobile. They handed back the mobile phone and told told him to unlock it, he unlocked it and attempted to ring his father but he was caught by the attackers and they threatened to slit his throat,” the garda said.

“I was terrified they were going to stab me so I complied,” the 19-year-old said in his statement to gardai. The court heard one youth remained with him in the cul-de-sac for 15 minutes while the defendant went to an ATM with his bank card and withdrew €220.

The youths walked him to Connolly train station “and instructed him not to say anything to gardai and to go home”.

Gda Saunderson said the young man is now afraid at night-time.

The defence said the boy was two years younger than a co-accused, who is due back in court on a later date. His solicitor Aenghus McCarthy said no physical assault was carried out and suggested the incident was not premeditated but was more an opportunistic event that escalated very quickly and “was like a switch was tripped”.

He said the boy had been intoxicated and had been living in hostel accommodation at the time and was planning to attend drug abuse therapy. Earlier the court was told he had a record of absconding from care and spent time staying in emergency shelter.